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Re: GSBN:Codes Discussion on GSBN Listserve


We're also working on a web page for Women Build Network and Apprenticeship
program discussed at ISBBC, and we plan to link those pages with others to
broaden the reach and participation. We'll gladly link a codes discussion
wherever it lands - DCAT is appropriate clearinghouse.  Let us know what you
and Tony decide and we'll go from there.


on 8.2.2004 10:59 AM, Strawnet@...Strawnet@...:

> Joyce,
> The codes discussion has my vote, as if that would come as surprise to
> anyone... Great idea. I'm assuming that the conversation will eventually
> include North American sb codes as well. In fact, if we were not having
> some difficulty with the responsiveness of our web person right now, I'd
> offer to use the DCAT website as a kind of clearinghouse for all sb
> codes. Let me talk with Tony about that. In the meantime, if another site
> seems more appropriate and readily available, we can always link to it.
> David
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