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GSBN:Picture of Beautiful Thatched SB-building wanted


For our upcoming issue of the bimonthly "Vedvarende Energi & Milj¿" [Renewable Energy & Environment] I am in need of an eyecatching picture of a thatched building. Preferably SB. My deadline is saturday evening. The picture is potentially going to be shown big, so the resolution must be good.
As a thank you I can send a handfull of copies of the magazine.

All the best,
Lars Keller

Lars Keller
Friland 12 B
8410 R¿nde

+45 8668 0505 (landline)
+45 2024 0505 (mobile)


www.baubiologie.at/ISBBC  - det tredje internationale halmtr¾f som fandt sted p? Friland i sommers i uge 25
www.dr.dk/friland   - Danmarks b¾redygtige ¯restad, skala 1:1