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Re: GSBN:Straw-bale Buildings Open to the Public

Hello Joyce:

In addition to the Orofino Winery data I sent Chris, please contact Mike
Bowick at lizardcreekelectric@...information about his log
frame bale B&B on the Fernie, B.C. ski hill.

all the  best,


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> Hello everyone,
> We are updating our list of bale buildings open to the public for the 2004
> Resource Guide which The Last Straw journal will publish in September. We
> sent out a request earlier in the year and didn't hear back from you, so
> we're trying again.
> We are looking for buildings that people can visit to see what strawbale
> natural building is all about - the see, touch, feel, experience part of
> learning. Can be any type of bale building, for example, Bed & Breakfast,
> winery or brewery, office or business location, churches, schools, farm
> ranch buildings and, of course, homes.
> And, we encourage you to list your strawbale building on the International
> Strawbale Registry at SustainableSources.com. The information gathered
> this database also includes buildings open to the public, and can provide
> wealth of information about building design, construction, costs, features
> and much more - valuable for research of all types, for analysis of the
> development of these buildings, and as information to those interested in
> learning more. It can be an extremely important resource - but only if
> owner/builders, homebuilders and contractors list their project
> Hope to hear from you about buildings open to the public very soon!
> Joyce
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