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Re: GSBN:Buildings made of potential rubbish dump materials.

At 9:01 AM +0200 8/10/04, Lars Keller wrote:

On October 7th a delegation from a Danish building department will pay us a visit here on Friland. They are here to study alternative building solutions. They are involved in building the main building for a "recycle station". And they are going to build it from the sort of things you receive at a recycle station.
It is my task to inspire them.
We have a lot of natural buildings to show off here, but not many using recycled materials.

I therefore ask for your help.
I am in need of written descriptions of buildings made of car tyres, phone books, coca cola cans and other unlikely building materials.
Pictures are also very welcome.

Check out <<a target="_blank" href="http://www.ruralstudio.com/";>http://www.ruralstudio.com/</a>> (caution, slow download), and/or google Sam Mockbee. My favorite of his ideas is stacking old carpet tiles to use as walls - though I'd want to plaster 'em. <<a target="_blank" href="http://www.ruralstudio.com/lucyhouse.htm";>http://www.ruralstudio.com/lucyhouse.htm</a>>

Bill Christensen
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