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Re: GSBN:from Bruce King -- looking for photos

Would you like to have specific photos from back issues of TLS?  Here in
Lincoln, we only have photos and images from #41 forward. Will be glad to
send them to you if you guide us to the ones you want.


> Howdy, again, baleheads -
> We are looking for high-resolution black & white images for inclusion in the
> new straw bale book currently under production.  Some of the ones I'm
> thinking of probably appeared in The Last Straw over the years, and others
> may yet be unpublished.  In any case, if you have any that you're willing to
> share, please send them (to "bruce@ ecobuildnetwork.org", not GSBN).
> We will of course be happy to give credit for any that are published, but
> also hope, being lazy, not to have to write legal letters seeking formal
> permission to reprint.  (Still, if that's needed for a particularly good or
> descriptive shot, of course we will.)
> Specifically, I'm hoping to get:
> - thermographic images showing heat "bleeding" through a bale wall at joints
> - pictures of fire-damaged bale buildings
> - pictures showing what happens when things aren't done right
> (eg damp plaster at a badly-flashed window sill)
> - anything lovely, or just right, or that you may wish to share
> Many thanks in advance,
> Bruce King, PE
> Director, Ecological Building Network
> 209 Caledonia St.
> Sausalito, CA 94965
> (415) 331-7630
> fax 332-4072
> www.ecobuildnetwork.org
> bruce@ ecobuildnetwork.org
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