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Re: GSBN:German strawbale work and +++ Codes Discussion on GSBN Listserve


Regarding below. I think I have a very good solution to the patent problem.
If anyone can prove there is previous art ie before the patent then it is
nul and void. So the said architect will have a hard time to defend his
patent. I doubt very much that his detail is so special good that we will
be inconvenienced by it in any way. A simple variation of the details will
most probably negate the current patent if you requier some more input I
will be only too happy to assist.
At 08:19 PM 8/11/04, you wrote:
look on our website www.fasba.de, via google you will have a much more
funny version of english, as you read above +++ we are planning to have
a english version of the site) PPS:Does anybody of you has experience
with patents? In germany there is an architect who has a patent about a
special SB-detail, so may be one day we'll have to fight against his
interdiction to us building with straw.