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Re: GSBN:Test - please ignore

This seems to have worked...thank you.  I will now respond to a GSBN posting
to make sure.
Best to you , Jeannene and your youngun..
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> Subj: GSBN:Test - please ignore
>  Date: 8/11/2004 2:20:03 AM US Mountain Standard Time
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> Ah, you didn't ignore, did you?
> Well, this is a test of the mail server's new ability to strip off
> attached files. We don't allow them on GSBN (viruses and such, you
> know?) but up until now you'd just get an annoying respose telling
> you that your post didn't go through because of the attachment.
> Certain mail programs are very good at attaching files that the user
> doesn't even know about.  Right Judy?
> Anyway, if this comes through with some text below about an
> attachment being removed, then it worked.  And Judy can send her post
> without fear.
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