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Re: GSBN:new members

Dear Catherine,

just back in The Netherlands again: 

Yes and I would like to add Attila from Hungary, not quite extrovert but.... that might be of help there.

Very best wishes, Martin.
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  Hi all --

  After returning from an incredible and informative trip to the ISBBC and around Europe, it seems to me that there may be a few straw-bale leaders and innovators that are not on this GSBN listserve.  

  Bill -- can you check if Dirk Scharmer (Germany), Werner Schmidt (Switzerland), Herwig van Soom (Belgium) or both Rolf Jacobson & Arild Berg (Norway) are on the list?  

  If not, I would like to nominate them for membership.  Do I hear a second?

  Of course I can come up with their email addresses as necessary......

  Best regards,
  Catherine Wanek

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