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Re: GSBN:German strawbale work and +++ Codes Discussion on GSBN Listserve


Another message I'm clearing. I just wanted to say that some members of GSBN
seem to want to know what is happening with the European codes and testing
efforts. So perhaps you can write up something and share it through GSBN
(and, of course, TLS) as it seems appropriate.



on 8.11.2004 1:19 PM, Fachverband Strohballenbau Deutschland at ds@...

> Dear Rene Dalmeijer and the rest of the sb-world,

> Now several weeks after the ISBBC, I'm realising that I will not be able
> to do powerful work with our decided system to have exchange about
> (european) technical approval (ETA- Hi CIA;-)) on GSBN. I'm sorry,
> perhaps it's a question of language (writing this email took more than
> one hour) , perhaps I've to much to do with my building-projects, may be
> it's my feeling, that I only want to discuss subjects with a small
> intentional group of people, for me GSBN is to big and unfortunately
> still very anonymous. (Rene, you remember our small disagreement
> according to this during the ISBBC-ETA-Forum?). In addition to that, I
> feel that some of my words below should be handled a little bit secret,
> as you will agree.
> So, what I do in this moment, is working on our national (german)
> approval of strawbales as a building material. Therefore we need to do
> additional tests of mould-behaviour and to describe a quality-safe
> process of producing good building strawbales. To proof the absence of
> fungus/mould in every kind of our choosen type of construction we will
> do calculated simulations with WUFI-Bio, a special Version of this
> wellknown software. Also we'll install two temperature and humidity
> measurement-systems in existing sb-buildings. (Please do not
> misunderstand: I know, that straw is a good stuff but the authorities
> are calling for verifications)
> My intention to initiate the ISBBC-ETA-Forum was not to discuss with the
> hole world but solve our special european problem with the rigid rules
> testing the flammibility of straw(bales). Straw in this moment
> definitely fails the european flammability/ ignatability test!!!! (the
> test, which is valid more or less in the future of every european
> country). In this case there will be no! chance of a broad coming up of
> strawbale construction in EU-future. In contrast to that straw tightly
> passes the german flammability test but unfortunately fails the german
> fungus-test. The european fungus-test again is not so rigorous, so our
> chance in germany is, that german goverment allows us to combine the
> european fungus-test with the german approval. In this moment it looks
> like they will agree.
> In addition to this we are working on a much bigger project: A
> loadbaring strawbale system for german conditions. Therefore we probably
> need to modify the existing american style. I will present a draft of it
> here soon. We are calculating with costs between 100 and 300 thousands
> EUR (a 200 sqm building prototype incl.). But fortunately there is a
> number sources for money to finance sustainable work in germany.
> Besides all that stuff, I would be very glad to have some exchange/
> support from experts arround the world.
> Thats it:-)
> Dirk Scharmer
> PS.: And for the most of you, who doesn't know our work, please have a
> look on our website www.fasba.de, via google you will have a much more
> funny version of english, as you read above +++ we are planning to have
> a english version of the site) PPS:Does anybody of you has experience
> with patents? In germany there is an architect who has a patent about a
> special SB-detail, so may be one day we'll have to fight against his
> interdiction to us building with straw.
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