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GSBN:Re: strawbale buildings in tropic climate

--On Sunday, August 22, 2004 5:46 PM +0200 "m.ep" m.ep@... wrote:

But other than the beauty of SB/plaster I see no reason to prefer SB in a
climate that is basicly warm/hot year round with little temperature
difference between day and night. (+ humid during long periods). And I
certainly would stay away from high mass techniques.

I'm not entirely in agreement with André on this. It depends on the details. In places where the temperature is above the occupant's comfort level, day and night, for a good part of the year, it is likely that affluent people will choose to have some kind of cooling and dehumidification system. In that case, strawbale, or other high-insulation materials will make the house more comfortable and cheaper/more energy conserving to cool.

If cooling is not used, insulation will still help protect the occupants from the warmest part of the day. In some situations, having walls of any kind or material, which block the breeze, might be seen as a liability. If I have walls, I would want them to be excellent insulators. Certainly, moisture issues must be addressed.


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