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Re: GSBN:Re: strawbale buildings in tropic climate

Chris and Chris...
Judy Knox here just letting you know that the engineer who was primarily
involved in developing those cooling towers here in Tucson is still around, a good
friend and colleague, who is still developing simple, wonderful
environmentally sound solutions for cooling and heating...Bill Cunningham of Southwest
Solar.  Our property here in Tucson has his inventions installed in a number of
places.  We don't have a cooling tower, but there is a straw-bale building near
Sierra Vista that has had one installed...successfully, for about 14 years.

Judy Knox and Matts Myhrman
Out On Bale
1037 E. Linden St.
Tucson, Az  85719

Each of us can and must champion the evolutionary breakthroughs necessary to
sustain all life.  The journey of a champion is difficult, AND our access to a
joyful life.
Judy Knox

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