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Re: GSBN:Re: strawbale buildings in tropic climate

I think we are in general agreement on this topic.  Rene's comments
stimulated a few further thoughts for me.

--On Thursday, August 26, 2004 10:04 AM +0200 Rene Dalmeijer
rene.dalmeijer@... wrote:

Regarding the above discussion I would like to comment on the following

At 08:16 PM 8/26/04, you wrote:
Passive cooling should not be compromised by using high insulation
SB walls.

I think it is a misconception to only think that insulation works for
heating I am sure the writer of the remark which I have lost track of does
not mean it the way it now comes over.

I interpreted "should not," in the comment which Rene quoted above, to mean
"is not likely to..."  In other words,  SB insulation is not likely to
diminish the effectiveness of a given passive cooling strategy.  Even if
this was not the intent of the original posting, it is a statement of my
view.  In fact, I assert that good insulation will significantly enhance
most passive cooling strategies.

The above 2 approaches off course are born out by long existing
practice all over the world. Again it all depends on local circumstances
including site location, available building materials and climate. The
test case is to find out what is local best practice this will in most
cases be the best indicator.

However, super-insulation has not been part of traditional building
practices, because effective, affordable insulation materials have not been
available.  I think it is safe to assume that vernacular building would
have been different in most places, if other materials had been available.
Conversely, I believe that we miss some opportunities if we don't explore
the design options that new materials, like SB, provide.  I know I am
restating the obvious.

Best wishes,

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