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GSBN:Re: Building license / planning permission for load bearing construction wanted. Lars Keller. wanted. Lars Keller.

 G 'day Lars

Just a quick response to you re load bearing SB buildings.

We have now built some 25 load bearing SB buildings of one size or the
other.  The largest is the winery which is on our web site.  You helped
build the Hall of Conciliation in Ganmain, bales on edge etc etc load
bearing earthen renders.  Our own home is made up of 7 load bearing
straw bale pavilions, all earthen and lime rendered.

All our buildings load bearing or otherwise have been certified by
structural engineers mainly on the East Coast of Aus.  In the XL file
that I will send you are the details of all the buildings we have built
in straw bale, I hope that this helps you.

If you want any photos of the buildings let me know and I will burn a CD
for you.

Salaams The Straw Wolf.

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