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GSBN: Digest for 8/31/04

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-> RE: GSBN:Building license / planning permission for load bearing
construction wanted. Lars Keller.
     by "Strawbalefutures" info@...


Date: 31 Aug 2004 03:28:50 -0600
From: "Strawbalefutures" info@...
Subject: RE: GSBN:Building license / planning permission for load bearing
construction wanted. Lars Keller.

Hi Lars
We have built several loadbearing houses all with full planning permission
and building regulation approval. Some of them are:

Penchwhwllr in St. Dogmaels, Wales. A 2-storey loadbearing and hybrid house,
begun in 2003 and now almost completed. Full Planning and Building
Regulation approval.

Phase One of a residential school, In North Yorkshire, built for a Charity.
Loadbearing with car tyre foundations. Full Planning and Building Regulation

The Spiral House in Ireland, 2-storey loadbearing. Full planning and
building regulation approval.

If it is helpful I can put you in touch with the Building Regulation officer
in North Yorkshire who we worked with.
Best wishes

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To: Global Straw Bale Network
Cc: Barbara Jones; John Glassford; Frank &amp; Ingrid; Christian Kofoed
Subject: GSBN:Building license / planning permission for load bearing
construction wanted. Lars Keller.


One of the next months' most interesting SBC projects in Denmark is just

The aim is to create a healthy, sustainable SB house, being at the same time
the economically best option on the market.

The strategy is to go simple, using past experiences like:
- - loadbearing
- - relatively small - 80m2
- - prefab trusses
- - full verandah allowing for exterior earthen plaster
- - gable / sky light to compensate for verandah
- - all windows / doors are full height
- - full wooden deck lifting the house up from moisture and radon

The concept includes two finish-levels:
- - lock-up finish
- - raw house finish

This next week we have the opening talks with the building inspectors. Land
is secured.
The next few months will be dedicated to designing and drafting.
During winter we will build the house.
We aim at being able to build the raw house (minus foundation work) in five
days with a 6 man crew.

At the moment we are creating as strong a case as possible pro loadbearing
construction for our meeting with the building inspectors on thursday.
In Demark the point is more easily taken by authorities, when you can point
to other countries and say: look, they do it, they are allowed, it is just
in Denmark that we don't...

So therefore: I am interested in any permits / building licenses. If you
think you might have something usefull, then drop me a line, and I'll get on
the phone.

All the best,
Lars Keller

Lars Keller
Friland 12 B
8410 R#248#nde

+45 8668 0505 (landline)
+45 2024 0505 (mobile)


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