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Re: GSBN:from Bruce King

Bruce and everyone,

We've had a technologically challenging summer. The computer being used to
create the CD-Rom crashed this summer, probably from an overload of emails
which accumulated while we were traveling in UK, Europe and USA gathering
information, news, photos and articles for TLS, and following our request
for photos from the ISBBC and the NBC-East and other gatherings this summer,
in addition to its use in preparing the CD-Rom and the Fall issue of TLS.

The CD-Rom files have been restored for the first half and work continues on
the second half of the project. We hope to have the project completed by the
end of this year. TLS#47 is now being printed and should be mailed soon.

We have had many delays in preparing entries and getting responses for
information to be included in The Resource Guide for 2004. There are still
quite a few people we would like to hear from but we can't wait any longer,
so the RG 04 is in the final stages of production and will be mailed as soon
as possible.

We apologize for the delays, we wish they hadn't happened, but they did -
and we're trying very hard to get caught up and get back on schedule.


on 10.16.2004 12:00 PM, bruce king at ecobruce@...:

> Hey, Joyce, I ordered a CD-ROM of TLS back issues a couple of months ago --
> did y'all not get it?
>>> Bruce King, PE
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>>> www.ecobuildnetwork.org
>>> bruce@ ecobuildnetwork.org
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