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GSBN:I would like to nominate Laura Struempler to join GSBN

Hello all,

I want to suggest that our U.S. colleague, Laura Struempler, be added to
the GSBN. I have been working with Laura on a couple of sb projects that
have moisture problems and have been forwarding all the relevant messages
from this list to her. She's been involved with straw bale since 1994 and
she built her own straw bale house in Colorado in 1995/96. She was the
straw boss for building three of the beautiful sb buildings at the
Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork in Carbondale, CO
(<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.waldorfschoolrf.com/buildings.htm";>http://www.waldorfschoolrf.com/buildings.htm</a>), had her own straw bale
stucco company for a while/

She is currently working on designing and installing the moisture
monitoring system for the Straw House Market in Helena Montana
(<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.strawhousemarket.com/index.htm";>http://www.strawhousemarket.com/index.htm</a>) and is about to start
construction on a sb house in Carbondale which she will be supervising.

Laura also has experience with other alternative building materials and
systems and with other straw bale school projects. She has a backgound in
environmental education. Laura has a lot to contribute and would also
benefit from being in the GSBN network. Her e-mail is

Thanks for considering this.

David Eisenberg

David Eisenberg, Director
Development Center for Appropriate Technology
P.O. Box 27513, Tucson, AZ  85726-7513
(520) 624-6628 voice / (520) 798-3701 fax
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.dcat.net";>http://www.dcat.net</a>

"Truly appropriate technology is technology that ordinary people
can use for their own benefit and the benefit of their community
that doesn't make them dependent on systems over which they have
no control."             John F.C. Turner