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Re: GSBN:bamboe grid in foundation

on 11/1/04 12:43 AM, Martin Oehlmann at martin.oehlmann@...:

> Pascal and me had been discussing a bamboe grid for all foundation elements
> instead of metal-grids. He used already ca. 35 mm bamboe tight together with
> plastic cords which are used for straw-bales.
> Are there any tests on strength and durability of bamboe?

There have been many tests, mostly done by (or under the auspices of) Jules
Janssen in the Netherlands at Eindhoven University.  He is now retired, but
has written several books on bamboo engineering, the simplest and easiest
being "Building with Bamboo".

In a private email conversation some years back, he recommended strongly
against using bamboo in place or steel rebar (as would I) because:
-  it will decay quickly and out of sight
-  it will swell a bit in the wet concrete, then dry & shrink, meaning
    there is little bond to the surrounding concrete.  That's bad.
-  you cannot bend it around corners, as you almost always need to do
   with reinforcing.

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