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Re: GSBN:bamboe grid in foundation

Hi Martin,

Yes. There is some work on  bamboo in concrete. The long term
performance was not very good as I recall. I think it was ITDG -- see
below. I will try to find my file...
The bamboo is sometimes treated to improve its lifetime. It occurs to
me that it might be improved by puncturing the webs and filling the
center with a foamed concrete.


<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.energia.inf.cu/biblioteca/chapters/housing.htm";>http://www.energia.inf.cu/biblioteca/chapters/housing.htm</a>
A Series of Articles on the Use of Bamboo in Building Construction,
Disk 20, File 25-658, 177 pages, collected by Dr. Jules J.A. Janssen,
1982, ITDG, out of print.

This welcome collection assembles a variety of practical bamboo
articles in one place. Preservation techniques are followed by
sections on the use of bamboo in housing, bridges, water supply, and
concrete reinforcement. One article explains how to calculate the
strength of bamboos for construction purposes.

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