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Hello everyone,

Just want to let you all know a bit of TLS news.

"Professor" Chris Magwood will pursuing his college level teaching career in
2005 and has asked that a guest editor help with TLS#51, Fall 2005

We are pleased to announce that Rene Dalmeijer has agreed to guest edit this
issue, revisiting various topics from past articles in TLS and bringing them
up to date in terms of experience over time and current practices. He will
be contacting many of you and others around the world soon to help him with
articles and contributions for #51. If you would like to help Rene with this
issue or offer suggestions for articles or authors, please get in touch with
him at your earliest convenience. It seems a long time until the Fall issue
deadlines, but they creep up on us quickly. Your ideas, articles, and
assistance will be greatly appreciated.

The topics for the other 2005 issues are:

Spring 2005 #49 - Myth and Reality
Summer 2005 #50 - Design (we haven't finalized a title yet)
Winter 2005 #52 - How to Work with Codes Officials, bankers, realtors,

We say in the current issue (finally published and mailed after several
problems and delays) that we will be sharing more information about the
buildings we visited on the convoy tours prior to ISBBC and from the theory
sessions and topical forums at ISBBC, so anyone wanting to help us follow up
and get this moving forward should get in touch with Chris Magwood in the
coming weeks, just to let him know you'll be sending an article or are
willing to help him.

We'd also like to continue our interview series with people in the
international straw-bale community and would appreciate your suggestions or,
If you want to volunteer, that's OK, too. Just email Chris.

We will also be developing articles based on "hot topics" from the GSBN
discussions, so here's your chance to have your say or share information on
any aspects of strawbale and natural building, and to contribute to these

Thanks for your continued support and help!


Joyce Coppinger
Managing Editor/The Last Straw, the international quarterly journal of
strawbale and natural building
The Green Prairie Foundation for Sustainability/GPFS (publisher)
PO Box 22706, Lincoln NE 68542-2706 USA
402.483.5135, fax 402.483.5161