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GSBN:digital photos for China presentation

Hi all,
I'm looking for a few specific digital photos of straw bale construction to
round out my China training presentations for this year:
   * exposed plumbing on the face of and/or through a straw bale wall
(before plaster)
   * exposed electrical wiring (romex and/or conduit) on the face of a
straw bale wall (before plaster)
   * shots of a SB that has burned during construction
   * shots of water damage in a straw bale wall caused by a roof leak or
poor window flashing
   * shots of  window installation (with and without plaster), especially
flashing at window sills
   * shots of interior partition walls - wood frame, clay brick, straw
clay or wood chip clay, etc.
If you could send a few shots in the next few days, great, if not, no
worries. I'll be finishing up all my presentations on Monday. Feel free to
pass this request along. Thanks!


Kelly Lerner, Architect
One World Design
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.one-world-design.com";>http://www.one-world-design.com</a>

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