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Thanks for your offer of photos for future issues. Some of the buildings you
mentioned have already been included in TLS and revisiting is always a
possibility, as well as featuring others we haven't included. There are many
"hot" topics to cover in future issues as well, and we're always glad to
have suggestions - and remember that Chris has always said he will be glad
to work with anyone on articles.


on 11.4.2004 6:15 PM, Catherine Wanek at blackrange@...:

> At 09:01 PM 11/1/04 -0600, Joyce wrote:
>> ............. we will be sharing more information about the
>> buildings we visited on the convoy tours prior to ISBBC and from the theory
>> sessions and topical forums at ISBBC, so anyone wanting to help us follow up
>> and get this moving forward should get in touch with Chris Magwood ........
> Hi Joyce and Chris --  I would be happy to help out with photographs, so
> let me know what buildings and/or topics will be covered -- and what the
> timeframe is.
> Personally I was quite impressed with the load-bearing "jumbo bale" work
> that Werner Schmidt is doing -- his approach and the photos are
> awesome.   Also the way he has the wooden structural "elements" built in
> the shop, then transported to the site, and assembled along with the bales
> -- via a construction crane....  I could perhaps write a short piece about
> that, though Werner might prefer to write it himself.  I suggest he would
> also make a great interview!
> Also, the three-story SB Cafe near Oslo (glimpsed in the TLS World Tour
> issue) is a remarkable structure, with many interesting elements including
> the green sod roof with birch bark membrane, intricately designed clay
> floor, lovely clay plasters, and wooden shingles (ala the Norwegian stave
> church) on the onion dome.
> And of course on that Tuesday in Belgium we all enjoyed Herwig van Soom's
> contemporary SB home, with the simple shed roof structure elevated above
> the SB walls (creating a roof-top living space), as well as Mark Dupree's
> design of the round teachers' lounge on metal posts with play space below
> and a green roof above.
> For careful construction and detailing, you can't beat the German buildings
> -- the amazing 3-story "Stropolis" which will be an "apartment" building
> for the Seiben Linden ecovillage (designed by Dirk Scharmer).... and
> Mattias Boernish's (sp?) lovely 2-story duplex rentals.  Both of these
> structures have clay plaster inside and out, plus solar PV & hot
> water.  One of the things that impressed me was how they built the
> floor/ceiling interface to eliminate sound transfer between stories.
> Not to leave out the lovely lime-plastered round and spiral houses in
> Ireland, or the super-low-cost round hobbit-homes in Wales.... come to
> think of it, the whole tour was inspiring and wonderful in its
> diversity.  Thanks once again goes to Barbara Jones & Bee Rowen, and Rene
> Dalmeijer who did the challenging work of organizing and herding the
> participants through the tight schedule.....
>> We will also be developing articles based on "hot topics" from the GSBN
>> discussions, so here's your chance to have your say or share information on
>> any aspects of strawbale and natural building, and to contribute to these
>> issues!        Thanks for your continued support and help!  Joyce
> Yes.... I had been thinking that the recent discussion begun by Danny Buck
> on moisture problems in the "baleblock" house would go a long way to
> illuminating these issues for homes in general.  Perhaps this would fit
> well in TLS #50 on Design...... as a "school of hard knocks" story.
> Keep up the great work, Joyce and Chris!
> Best regards,
> Catherine Wanek
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