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GSBN:TLS Myths and Reality

Hello All,

The next issue of TLS is themed "Myths and Realities". It is our
attempt to address many of the common myths and misunderstandings
around straw bale building, and to do so in the voices of authority
that ring out ever so clearly on this list!

Here is a list of the topics we'd like to see addressed:

-Straw bale building is cheap

-Straw bale walls "breathe"

-Straw bale building will save the world

-Straw bale building is appropriate for every climate

-Straw bale building is easy

-A candle outta heat one of them straw bale houses

-If you use cement plasters, your bale walls will rot

-The building department will never approve a bale house

-You'll never get a mortgage (or insurance) for a bale house

-Bale houses are just for owner-builders (not contractors/developers)

If you would like to tackle any of these topics (or any other you
think should be addressed), please do so! The formats can be wide
ranging, from detailed scientific explanations to humorous takes on
the subject. Lengths can range from 250 words up to 2000 words.

Don't pass up on this chance to be the voice of authority, and to set
the world straight for once and for all on the straw bale topic of
your choice!

Deadline for the issue is January 7.

Let me know what you're working on!



Chris Magwood / Camel's Back Straw Bale Construction
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