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GSBN:City of Gatineau wants to ban SB and Earthen walls

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<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.flora.org/gatineau-paille/home.html";>http://www.flora.org/gatineau-paille/home.html</a>  ========

The new City of Gatineau is preparing to adopt a by-law prohibiting
the construction of straw
bale houses throughout its territory beginning in the spring of 2005.
The proposed by-law is
still in the preliminary stages, but according to Gilbert Gagnon, the
Gatineau official
responsible for the proposed by-law, it reads as follows:

&#xC7; Non-traditional wall systems
It is prohibited to use a non-traditional wall system, including
straw bales, earthen walls
and cement blocks, in the assembly of a construction wall. &#xC8;

This proposed by-law will be subject to public consultations in the
spring of 2005, but a
freeze on all straw bale projects will already be in force when the
consultations occur. This
is why it is important to act now before the proposed by-law reaches
the consultation stage.


... send comments on the proposed by-law to the City of Gatineau
using the form provided at
the following address:

<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.ville.gatineau.qc.ca/urbanisme/pru/documents/open_houses.pdf";>http://www.ville.gatineau.qc.ca/urbanisme/pru/documents/open_houses.pdf</a>

This form can be filled out by hand, and then should be faxed to
(819) 595-7397,
or it may be mailed to:

M. Gilbert Gagnon, Urban Planner
Coordonnateur de la r?glementation
P.O. Box 1970, Hull Station
Gatineau, Qu?bec  J8X 3Y9

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I couldn't find an edress for M. Gagnon at the City's website


but there is a "general info" edress

    E-mail: info@...

I've just sent a message to Chantal and Jay (whose planned SB home
this move will affect)
to see if they can fill us in on the City's concerns so that the SB
community can address them and perhaps help to alleviate their fears.

The recently amalgamated City of Gatineau, Quebec includes the former
city of Aylmer, the site of Canada's first urban SB home.

      ~~~ * ~~~
    Robert W. Tom
 Kanata, Ontario, Canada
(winnow the chaff from my edress in your reply)

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