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GSBN:Strawbale Car???

It is rare to scoop the Duck on any story involving strawbale and popular
culture.  However, lacking an announcement from him, I would like to inform
the GSBN community that one of its own appeared on "Car Talk," an immensely
popular National Public Radio show.  The show is also distributed on Public
Radio International, making this broadcast perhaps the largest public
exposure of a strawbale builder singing about discarded car parts.

I speak of the Thangmaker his-self, Frank Meyer.  On the show broadcast
Saturday, December 4th (in my area), we heard a lengthy cut from Frank's CD
"Scrounger's Paradise," with the maestro singing his song, "Savage of
Salvage."  It was presented without introduction or analysis, as is the way
of Car Talk.  It made me proud to know that I know a celebrity.

The episode can be listened to for free on the internet (RealPlayer
streamed audio) for a few more days, at:

<<a  target="_blank" href="http://cartalk.com/Radio/Show/online.html";>http://cartalk.com/Radio/Show/online.html</a>>

Frank's song starts at the 4:40 mark in Segment 3 (titled "You put your
right foot on, you take your right foot off...").

I'm hoping this will lead Frank's career to a spot on Prairie (Strawbale)
Home Companion.


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