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GSBN: Digest for 12/10/04

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     by Catherine Wanek CatherineW@...
     by Strawnet@...


Date: 10 Dec 2004 11:30:37 -0600
From: Catherine Wanek CatherineW@...
Subject: Re: GSBN:2006 OSBBC ISBBC

At 09:15 PM 12/8/04 -0500, you wrote:
>exciting news! We are ready to formally announce that the OSBBC will be
>hosting and presenting the
>2006 International Straw Bale Building Conference right here in Ontario,
>Canada......... the funding seems to be available from the provincial
>government to allow us to cover the conference costs and possibly the
>travel costs for presenters....

Chris -- your plan sounds terrific -- count us in for the full
session.  I'll plan to shoot some video, so think about what you might want
documented in that way.

And what a great government you have!  Imagine what a stellar group of
international presenters you can assemble if you can pay their travel costs.

Best regards and happy holidays,
Catherine Wanek & Pete Fust

Black Range Films &
Natural Building Resources
119 Main St. , Kingston, NM 88042
505-895-3389 / fax 505-895-3326
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.strawbalecentral.com";>http://www.strawbalecentral.com</a>

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Date: 10 Dec 2004 12:13:21 -0600
From: Strawnet@...
Subject: GSBN:2006 OSBBC ISBBC


This is great! It isn't hard to imagine that some of us, probably still
in 2006, will be looking for any excuse to get into Canada...and may need
an official reason to cross the border... so count on DCAT being there.
Heck by then some of us might already be living up there...

All joking aside, it looks like you've done some excellent work to get to
this point. I look forward to seeing this unfold. I plan to come for the
whole thing and am willing to do what I can to help.

Good luck and bravo!


David Eisenberg

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The United States is a nation of laws,
badly written and randomly enforced.
                        -  Frank Zappa


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