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Re: GSBN:Nouveau Myth in the making...?

Dear Andre and Coralie,

great news that you have completed your book and CD and well done for selling so many copies in
Paris in just three days,
by the way, how is your SB home/visitor centre? is it finished now or have you still got things to

keep up the excellent SB promotional work
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.strawbale-building.co.uk/";>http://www.strawbale-building.co.uk/</a>
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Subject: GSBN:Nouveau Myth in the making...?

Hi all,

Coralie and I just participated in the first national Ecological Building Fair
in Paris. (Of course the incredible Tom Rijven and his groupies were present
It was a great succes, it was held in one of those enormous halls that was in
great contrast with the content offered during the fair.
Almost 11.000 visitors!

Coralie and I presented our SB book (+CD-Rom)that we managed to finish 1 day
before the event (OK, it took some overtime to be ready, but hey... PARIS!!)
We sold 260 copies during the 3 days and got lots of nice feedback.
For those of you who participated in the making of this book, your copie will be
sent out this week! So buy a dictionarry ! (or type it all out on Babelfish as
Chug cleaverly pointed out)