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Re: GSBN:Nouveau Myth in the making...?

Hi Andr?

I was talking to a farmer in Queensland, Australia the other day. He said
that farmers throw a bale of straw into dams that are effected by algae and
this gets rid of the algae? I am now on the look out for a dam effected by
algae so I can give it a try.

Regards Chris Newton

Anyway, this book is not the Myth that the title refers to.
On the trade fair I spoke to a knowingly gentleman that sells ecological
products to treat wood against termites and other wood eating critters. He
claims that it is common knowledge amongst elder farmers that these
insects do
not attack the wood of the sheds where straw is (or was!) stored. The
just next to it are eaten, but not the straw storage sheds.
He even claims that this knowledge is used to date buildings. But I did
quite understand how.
He thinks some gas must be comming out of the (dry!) straw that treats the

He also informed me that Borax kills the termites by killing the germs in
stomachs and that Borax 'extinguishes' fire because it releases water
when heated.

All comments are welcome.

Au revoir,

La Maison en Paille

PS. our website has had its 'spring' cleaning, feel welcome to browse

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