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RE: GSBN:Nouveau Myth in the making...?

Hi John,

I met you at the ISBBC '99 in California. I often quote your comment about
when we sneeze the rest of the world gets the flu - it really came in handy
when we were doing the straw bale testing program with EBNet. I've been
reading along on GSBN and a few other lists as I can. And I've often thought
to respond to your messages but never can make the time. I'm always greatful
to those who do take the time to try and keep the international dialogue
quality and progressing.

I run a natural building and design company, Vital Systems, with 20
employees in Northern California. And I have two kids under five, if that
can explain the lack of time.

We are presenting a proposal to do ecological development work and could
really use your thoughts cost efficiencies and if at all possible some raw
data on built projects. Everything we have done has been so custom to date
that we haven't been able to realize the efficiencies and savings that I
know we can on the development scale.

Again, thanks for your work and for any help you can be with our pursuit of
a better development model for the end of suburbia...


Tim Owen-Kennedy
Vital Systems, Natural Building & Design, Inc.
P O Box 751, Ukiah, CA  95482
888.859.6336 f:707.462.3765