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Re: GSBN: proposal

Date: 12 Dec 2004 04:21:36 -0600
From: John Glassford huffnpuff@...
Subject: Re: GSBN: proposal

Chug. wrote:

Hi Bill and GSBNers,

I don't think he is a member of GSBN already so I would like to propose that
Hank Carr from the
Ontario Straw bale building Coalition is invited to join the group, any one
care to second or poo
poo this proposal?

G 'day Chug

Anyone who is brave enough to build a two story load bearing on edge
straw bale building has my vote to join GSBN so I second your nomination

Kind regards John Glassford.

For the reasons that el Lupo cited (and more than a few others) , I
would "poo poo" the proposal.

That being said,  I would be happy to relinquish my membership in
this august group in order to provide a place for Hank so as to not
overload the group with Ontario-based members.

No, I take that back.
I'd rather give up my spot for someone like Bob Platts or Don Fugler
... or Kim Thompson or Shawna
Henderson (if Ontario residency isn't important).

While we're on the subject of [insert descriptor of your choice]
proposals, I propose that the proposed ISBBC 2006 conference be held
the during first and second week of January so that world-wide
attendees get a clear picture of the challenges that are involved in
making good, Green buildings for Cold Climate regions.