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Re: GSBN:Re: Proposal

Hi Bill,

Sorry I thought Hank Carr was a key individual and representative of the regional straw construction
organization(OSBBC), but if there are objections, then, as you suggest, ask OSBBC who they would
like to represent them.

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hi folks,

Ok, it looks like Kuba is a clear winner.  I'll send an invitation out shortly.

On the other hand, it appears that at least one member has
reservations about inviting Hank Carr.  I haven't followed a whole
lot of the discussions that he has been involved in on "those other
strawbale lists", but if I remember correctly there was some common
sense lacking in design or implementation.  Correct me if I'm wrong
(I haven't gone dug back in the archives yet).

Perhaps we could ask OSBBC who *they* would like to represent them.
Your comments?

I also received a request to join from Kent Wold (WG9
woldgood9@...) who is rather active on the SB-R-Us list (to
the point of being a bit too chatty IMHO).  I think he would probably
be considered in the "interested layman" category.  What think y'all?

Bill Christensen
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