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Re: GSBN:Re: Proposal

Ahoy BC!

Offlist comments. I don't participate much on the GSBN (or anywhere else, listwise) these days; I suspect most of the oldsters have forgotten that I'm lurking, and most of the rest have no idea who I am or why I'd be here. Since I'm not much of a player, I don't feel like my opinions even deserve the be aired. But that won't stop me from talking to you.

Kent surely is interested - but not an appropriate candidate, I think. I don't believe he'd be able to contribute from a reasonable threshold of experience to the desired standard of high-level discussion among the movers-n-shakers. The kinds of questions and comments he makes on the other lists indicate that he's still working through some fairly basic stuff - though he does generally seem to grasp things quickly. I fear that he'd try to engage folks on this list in ways that many of them don't have the time or inclination to be engaged (which is why most of them aren't on the other lists). GSBN is archived, yes?; so anyone can follow along.

The question of Hank is less clear. Obviously he's a busy and dedicated person with the best intentions, but he scares me in the same way that a certain couple of guys in Minnesota used to scare me. (You'll recall that one of their projects - a very well-intended but excruciatingly-flawed SB house built in south Minneapolis - ended up torn down a couple years later because of moisture problems. They ignored hard-won consensus- and experience-derived wisdom and best practices of the SB community, preferring to "pioneer" techniques and designs that relied on flawed assumptions and poor judgement. Eventually they posted a message on their website saying that they didn't have anything to do with strawbale anymore; and now their website appears to be gone completely.) While I can't deny that Hank is moving and shaking, I'm not comfortable that he's not a bull in a china shop. Where SB is concerned, when having a vision blurs with solipsism, I cringe. But then again, maybe his apparent belligerence would be tempered in the presence of the august GSBNers. If it comes down to a choice between RT and him, I'd choose RT in a heartbeat.

	So did J9 send Frank's CD to the Car Talk people?