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Re: GSBN:Re: Proposal


I concur with your views on this matter there is no easy way out.

What I suggest though is continue on the line we have done in the past
and depend on the digression of the list members to decide if
discussions should go via the list or person to person a practice I am
sure many of the members already do. This does mean that there is a
risk of invoking too much self censorship and thus loosing opinionated
discussions which have raised and resolved important issues in the

I will certainly continue my current practice and am definitly inspired
by discussions fueled by contributions such as recently fired by 'Rob
the ray' and 'drying bales Hank'.

On Dec 14, 2004, at 23:58, Paul Lacinski wrote:

The problem is that in discussing new potential members (and in other
not so theoretical situations) we are airing our opinions of other
people's professional reputations.  We have to do this.  The paradox
that I see is an ethical requirement to be honest with each other,
without defaming anyone in public, or releasing information that
could be used by one party or another in lawsuits, etc.

I don't have a great idea for a way out of this bind.  Since I'm not
much of a computer guy, I wonder whether there is some way to deal
with it technologically- a GSBNXXX list whose records are sealed to
the wider public?  My main intention is to intruduce this concern, to
see whether it is shared by others.