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GSBN:Nyet to "Secret" GSBN


I'm not in favor of starting a second, secret GSBN list,

I can understand that there might be a desire to limit accessibility
in order to limit the volume of email that needs to be filtered from
one's mailbox but I think that there are better ways to filter email.

If it's a matter of keeping discussion on this list more rigorous, I
think that that boat has long sailed.

If it's a matter of limiting access to the information presented in
this forum, if anything, I would prefer to see the information
presented on this list made *more* accessible.

Not all that long ago, people from all around the world who shared a
common interest in SBC were able to share information and discussion
through one list; the CREST SB listserve.

Now there is this list for "professionals" only,  another list for
Europeans, others for Californians, Okies, strictly SB,
not-so-strictly SB,  etc. and almost no intercourse amongst the bunch
and IMO, that's not a Good Thing.

As far as Hank Carr's proposed membership and OSBBC representation on
this List, we already have that in the person of Chris Magwood (who I
assume speaks to Tina Therrien (Treasurer of OSBBC and partner of
Chris) now and then. Then there's John Straube and I, also from
southern Ontario.
OTOH, there is a dearth of representation from other areas of Canada,
most notably (IMO) the absence of Kim Thompson from Nova Scotia and
no one from the Prairie provinces.

   ~~~ * ~~~
    Robert W. Tom
 Kanata, Ontario, Canada