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Re: GSBN:Re: Proposal

At 1:17 PM -0500 12/15/04, Judyknox42@...:

What we do think is crucial is that there is a
participant from each geographical area or network that makes sure
information is being passed on to others in that area.  But beyond
that, we are much
more interested in the quality of the contributions participants make to a
free-flowing dialogue.  None of us want the GSBN to turn into a chat room, and
should that begin to happen, we need to address it.

...The quality and content of a free-flowing dialogue that helps us
all move forward in our work is the point.
We don't know Hank, but have no reason not to welcome him if other members of
the GSBN feel he can contribute at that level.

I agree wholeheartedly with Judy's point that we don't need to
restrict ourselves to some quota from different locations (though I'd
certainly like to see more representation from certain areas of the
world), and that what really matters is the quality and content of

That said, another list member's comments to me offline and presented
here anonymously:

"The question of Hank is less clear. Obviously he's a busy and
dedicated person with the best intentions, but he scares me in the
same way that a certain couple of guys in Minnesota used to scare me.
(You'll recall that one of their projects - a very well-intended but
excruciatingly-flawed SB house built in south Minneapolis - ended up
torn down a couple years later because of moisture problems. They
ignored hard-won consensus- and experience-derived wisdom and best
practices of the SB community, preferring to "pioneer" techniques and
designs that relied on flawed assumptions and poor judgement.
Eventually they posted a message on their website saying that they
didn't have anything to do with strawbale anymore; and now their
website appears to be gone completely.) While I can't deny that Hank
is moving and shaking, I'm not comfortable that he's not a bull in a
china shop. Where SB is concerned, when having a vision blurs with
solipsism, I cringe. But then again, maybe his apparent belligerence
would be tempered in the presence of the august GSBNers. If it comes
down to a choice between RT and him, I'd choose RT in a heartbeat."

(billc again)
Rob has been the most vocal in his opposition to having Hank join,
but several others who know him through list discussions or otherwise
have some reservations.  I suggest that unless we get some strong
arguments from people who are familiar with Hank and feel that his
inclusion in the list would be a positive thing overall, that we
don't invite him to join GSBN at present.

Bill Christensen
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