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GSBN:Re: Lime Powder Hydrate

Paul Lacinski wrote:

Our trick for using lime/ sand plasters directly out of the bag is to
keep 1 day ahead on mixing.  As the plaster sits overnight in a
covered bin, the lime becomes noticeably stickier and more plastic
than in freshly-made plaster.  When we spray it one the next day,
workability is improved and cracking greatly decreased.  The extra
labor is zero.

G 'day Paul

I have tried this but found it to be one step too many in the process
with no appreciable benefits.  I also found that the mix was too wet and
as a consequence caused some mosaic cracking.  I have found by using the
powder straight from the bag I get an even mix, I can control the level
of moisture easier and I can pre-mix the lime/sand and oxide, bag it and
just add water!!  That is a product that is a true pre-mix that can be
sold onto straw bale renderers with a guaranteed colour.

Anyhow we keep improving ever so slowly but this step has been a big one
for us.

Kind regards TSW.
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