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GSBN:new DVD & Book

Hello all,

End of the year and we have hardly posted to the list, sorry for that
but we have always read contributions with interest.
Been very busy building and rendering (SB homes of course) and raising
our two boys. Have also been to Denmark, it was great to catch up with
many of you there.

Because we do not know any of the people who have lately been discussed
for nomination to this list we will trust judgement of the ones who know
them either personally or from other lists too and go with their

Please find below some info on a new strawbale building DVD and a new
book on natural living.

Leaving you with wishes for a peace - and joyful holiday season.
Regards, Frank & Ingrid

Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow, Strawbale Construction
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A new DVD/Video on strawbale building has just come out in Germany. The
DVD is presented in German, English &amp; French.

 "Houses of Straw" (Original Title Stroh im Kopf) DVD/VHS by Heidi Snel
- Oekofilm (43 min.)

An old building material - rediscovered. This fantastic new film
presents the current state of strawbale building in Germany. A small
project in Lower Saxony is filmed during construction and many other
examples of strawbale homes show different technique and design ideas
possible with this remarkable building material.

Interviews with strawbale home owners, builders, architects and
international experts/pioneers, e.g. David Eisenberg, Prof. Gernot
Minke, Dirk Scharmer, address many important issues in regards to
strawbale construction.

Please visit www.ecofilm.de for online orders or contact Heidi Snel at
info@...arrange purchases.

New Book with fantastic photography:

"Sticks, Stones, Mud Homes" By Nigel Noyes (2004)

Publisher: Hardie Grant  Books www.hardiegrant.com.au
<<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.hardiegrant.com.au/";>http://www.hardiegrant.com.au/</a>>  ISBN: 1740661478


There is a fascinating diversity to how we live, from the tight confines
of inner city one-room boxes to expansive accommodation on isolated
rural retreats. Whatever the location or scale of our potential
sanctuaries, there exists the opportunity to enhance these spaces to
something we can genuinely refer to as home. Sticks, Stones, Mud Homes
is a book about eco-friendly living, founded on the principles of
minimal impact and sustainable practices. The buildings in the book are
designed to conserve energy, to create new life from old, and employ
good recycling practices that work in with the environment. With
ingenuity, determination and a new aesthetic sensibility, seemingly
unconventional materials can often be adapted to building in some way.
The houses featured are made from rammed earth, baled straw and
mudbricks, from salvaged material, recycled timber and stone, and from
tin and other inexpensive contemporary materials.

Both of these are interesting and very well done, we highly recommend
viewing/reading and hopefully both items are available at Earth Garden's
Good Life Book Club (for the Australians) soon.

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