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Re: GSBN:Re: Proposal

Hello All,

I guess I should wade into this fray at this point. I personally
wouldn't recommend Hank as a GSBN member. He has recently set up his
own discussion group through the OSBBC, and feel his efforts are best
directed toward helping OSBBC members and the public in addressing
basic sb concerns. He is a tireless promoter of sb and will do much
good in that role.

I have been unofficially acting as liason with the OSBBC in terms of
hot GSBN action. Via my role in organizing the 2006 conference, I'll
continue to do so.

Now, it seems to me everybody's been more fired up to post to GSBN
about these personal issues... how about taking that energy and using
it to write up some high-quality rants for the Myth Vs. Reality issue
of TLS? Your opinion on any sb topic could be immortalized in this
issue! Let your Reality rule! Write soon!



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