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GSBN:*INTERNAL* and a quote for your myth, Chris

> But to me it makes life alot easier (for everyone except Bill) if we
> agree to strike all threads regarding new members.  Our internal
> business is never of practical use to the wider world, regardless of
> the outcome.  There is no value to openness, here.  So unless Bill
> thinks it would be an imposition, I would move that from now on we
> remove all of these new member discussions.

To make Bills cleaning taks possible (without him having to judge the content of
every mail) I suggest that we add *INTERNAL* to the message title whenever one
of us feels that the content is considered internal (or not intended to be in
the archives, copied etc.) as I have in this mail as an example.
That way Bill (or whoever takes over when he goes to the loo) knows in a flash
that this mail is to be washed down (on his next trip to ..)

As for 'Chris and the Myths':
>... how about taking that energy and using it to write up some high-quality
> rants for the Myth Vs. Reality

I'll give you a quote for TLS about Bales & Moisture if you dare print it:

"Claiming that it is OK to let your bales get wet because you have had the
exp?rience that the've dried out OK is as like claiming it is OK to hit your
wife, just because she did not walk out you when you did.
Your straw (just as your wife) does not forget(*1), and the next drop...
Besides, one cannot generalize women (nor men for that matter) any easier than
SB buidings(*2). So be gentle with your partner(s) AND your straw!"

(*1) In fact, fungus HAS d?veloped (even if you don't see or smell it), next
time it'll pick up from that point and grow more.
(*2) Quality of the straw (climatic influences before and after harvesting),
craft(wo)mansship, local climat and architecture/exposure.

Next part is not for print:
Though I have no comments on how I treat Coralie (the woman I love), I did make
a grewsome error when I started our project. Instead of listing to my father,
who suggested I'd take my time to think things over after buying our land in
France, I used the plans that we got for free when we bought the land with the
foundations allready poored by someone who got a divorce before got a wall up
(It should have made me think ;-). Anyway, We have our biggest fa?ade facing
the atlantic ocean...
It HAS gotton wet and it HAS dried out. Still,... every storm that comes in
makes me regret my previous ignorance. But hey,... Coralie is still there and
she tells me that a house is just a house. I just hope those who read my book
or come to our workshops will do as I say and not as I did.

Merry Xmas too you all and be nice to yourself, those arround you (even if that
means having to say no to them) AND to your bales.


PS Welcome to the club KUBA, I take it you recovered from the Salon 'B?tir
Ecologique' in Paris.

Those who are happy are those who have faith in the future. And faith (IMHO), is
a selective extapolation of what we have learned in and from our past.