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Re: *INTERNAL* Re: GSBN:New member discussion policy

At 7:58 PM -0500 12/17/04, Strawnet@...:
Well, this is great! I had started to write a message suggesting we mark
all messages that are of an internal nature with a word and "internal"
was my thought too. I got interrupted and when I came back to it I
discovered that AndrE had the same idea. Terrific! If we can keep these
kinds of discussions out of the archives it'll be better for all of us.

It does mean, however, that when we write something that's for internal
consumption, we'll want to remember that if we digress into something of
general or wider interest, it will be purged along with the internal

I was about to chime in on that as well.  "Internal" is a great idea,
as long as y'all do it and don't mix bale talk with the private
stuff.   I might even be able to figure out a way to automate having
those message not be sent to the archives... in my copious spare
time, of course.

So messages on internal matters should be limited to internal subjects
only and not mixed with myths, or old (or new) wives tales, or
discussions of bale travails, baler sales, wet bales from fierce gales,
bad details, or fine wheat ales...

Hmmm, friday night, lots of holiday parties, and methinks ol' David
may have gotten an early start on that last item ;-)

Bill Christensen
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