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GSBN: INTERNAL New member discussion policy

Paul Lacinski Wrote

Hi all,

First off, thanks to Chug for your graceful retraction, and to Chris
for your honest assessment of the Hank situation.

Now we are only left with the question of what to do about the
archives. My opinion is that the Hank thread has no value except as
gossip, which is to say that it has a negative value.   For the sake
of avoiding any possible pain to Hank, I would move that we ask Bill
to strike it.  There's enough pain in this world without any
unintended contributions from us.


Paul think the boat has already sailed on this one!


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Subject: GSBN Membership


In the interests of full disclosure, please be advised that your name was
proposed for membership in the Global SB Network, by Chris Tugby (aka

The proposal was supported by John Glassford and (I think) Rene Dalmeijer.
(I never understand anything that emanates from EuroRay)

I opposed the proposal in two sentences or so and did so (I trust) without
bringing any of my personal opinions of you into the matter.

Since the matter is about you, I thought that you should know of
everything that transpired, and to that end, you should be able to read
everything for yourself,
at the publicly-accessible GSBN-greenbuilder archive on Yahoo groups once
the messages get put up there. The thread to look for is "Proposal"

        ~~~ * ~~~
      Robert W. Tom
   Kanata, Ontario, Canada
(winnow the chaff from my edress in your reply)

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