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GSBN: Digest for 12/21/04

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-> Re: GSBN: INTERNAL New member discussion policy
     by Paul Lacinski paul@...


Date: 21 Dec 2004 13:23:02 -0600
From: Paul Lacinski paul@...
Subject: Re: GSBN: INTERNAL New member discussion policy

Apparently there is at least one voice on this list who disagrees
with the proposed policy regarding new member discussions.  However,
we have not heard this voice address the matter in this open forum.
In the interest of resolving this procedural issue and getting back
to the real work of this list, I would urge any dissenters to bring
their views forward.

In the future, members might also consider whether wisdom proscribes
handling privately those matters which are of concern to the larger
membership of the list.


>Paul think the boat has already sailed on this one!
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>From: "Rob Tom" ArchiLogic@...
>To: "Hank Carr" hank@...
>Cc: "Dalmeijer, Rene" rene.dalmeijer@...; "Tugby,Chris"
>"Glassford, John" huffnpuff@...; "Chris Magwood"
>Sent: Friday, December 17, 2004 6:32 PM
>Subject: GSBN Membership
>In the interests of full disclosure, please be advised that your name was
>proposed for membership in the Global SB Network, by Chris Tugby (aka
>The proposal was supported by John Glassford and (I think) Rene Dalmeijer.
>(I never understand anything that emanates from EuroRay)
>I opposed the proposal in two sentences or so and did so (I trust) without
>bringing any of my personal opinions of you into the matter.
>Since the matter is about you, I thought that you should know of
>everything that transpired, and to that end, you should be able to read
>everything for yourself,
>at the publicly-accessible GSBN-greenbuilder archive on Yahoo groups once
>the messages get put up there. The thread to look for is "Proposal"
>         ~~~ * ~~~
>       Robert W. Tom
>    Kanata, Ontario, Canada
>(winnow the chaff from my edress in your reply)
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>From: "Hank Carr" hank@...
>To: ArchiLogic@...
>Cc: "'Dalmeijer, Rene'" rene.dalmeijer@...; "'Tugby,Chris'"
>"'Glassford, John'" huffnpuff@...; "'Chris Magwood'"
>Sent: Friday, December 17, 2004 8:23 PM
>Subject: RE: GSBN Membership
>GSBN is an invitation-only forum of key individuals and
>representatives of regional straw construction organizations. The
>costs of operating this list are underwritten by The Last Straw
>Journal in exchange for use of the GSBN as an advisory board and
>technical editing arm.
>For instructions on joining, leaving, or otherwise using the GSBN
>list, send email to GSBN@...HELP in the
>SUBJECT line.

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Paul M. Lacinski
GreenSpace Collaborative
Sidehill Farm
Mail: PO Box 107
Packages: 463 Main Street
Ashfield, MA 01330 USA
(001) 413 628 3800

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