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GSBN:Internal, external, somewhere-in-between and NowHere.

Notwithstanding the fact that I am a mean, cruel and heartless SOB,
I am opposed to the proposed "internal /external" posting policy.

If this is to continue as a closed-membership list, then I would suggest that a
"Membership Committee" (of no more than three, no two from the same
continent) be elected to whom comments on a proposed member may be
sent for evaluation before they render a decision as to whether the
candidate be accepted or not.

This would take the extra workload off of Wild Bill-bob who I'm sure
has better things to do with his time than filter the messages sent
to this List.

The comments would be kept confidential and perhaps, sent to the
candidate in question at the end of the vetting process.

I suppose that the identity of the persons who made comments could be
omitted by request if desired, but I'd rather not see such.

WRT to other non-membership issues , IMO no one's best interests are
served by being less than truthful about questionable ideas/practises
and if we can't agree to disagree on some issues here simply because
we want to avoid some temporary pain to an ego,  then I question the
effectiveness of this List for the purpose of disseminating good

 --- * ---
Robert W. Tom
Kanata, Ontario, Canada

(winnow the chaff from my edress in your reply)