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Re: GSBN:Internal, external, somewhere-in-between and NowHere.

On Dec 25, 2004, at 10:14 PM, Rob Tom wrote:

If this is to continue as a closed-membership list, then I would
suggest that a
"Membership Committee" (of no more than three, no two from the same
continent) be elected to whom comments on a proposed member may be
sent for evaluation before they render a decision as to whether the
candidate be accepted or not.

Wow, a star jury, what an idea that no one will want to be on.  Rob,
you devil dog!
Now we know your secret identity -- Dick Cheney! -- arbiter of all
things that can and cannot be known.

How about, instead,  if someone says something they don't want made
public, they take it on themselves to say
"private" in the subject line.  It then gets shunted off into the Dick
Cheney secret files;
 I'll bet Wild Bill can even automate that.

If the note contains information of general interest, then just leave
it public
and don't name any names or call anyone a poopyhead.

Is that too simple?  No extra work for anyone except contributors.

Ho Ho Ho,

Bruce King