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GSBN:Leaving bales bare

Fellow SBers,

A topic I have been pondering recently concerns the logic of rapidly
applying plaster to bale walls. I plead for doing so.   Based on the
following logic:

Fresh dry bales are basically relatively spore free. If these bales are
rapidly encased in plaster there is very little chance that the straw
will be infected with new fungus spores. Therefore seriously improving
the chances of a long life span of the SB wall even in the event of a
one time wetting.

In the past I have heard about and seen SB houses that have experienced
such a seemingly disastrous wetting without serious consequences. I
expect that the bales were able to dry without fungus growth setting in
because of very low spore levels due to using fresh and dry straw
during the build. In other cases though I have seen bales rapidly
growing mushrooms after a seemingly light wetting. I think the main
thing separating these cases is the presence or lack of- spores in the

I wonder what others feel on this topic. I strongly believe that one of
the main tricks to longevity to SB walls is getting the bales dry in
the walls and then getting the building rapidly out of the after
building moisture phase.