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GSBN:Re: sourcing UK Wheat Board

Hi all,

We received the request below recently, and being fairly unfamiliar
with suppliers in the UK, thought that the folks on the list from
that side of the pond may be able to help out or point Mr. Frank in
the right direction.

Please direct replies to Mr. Frank at ryan@...


We are a product design studio working alongside a large architect
studio in south London.
We are currently involved in a eco-awarness project, which demands
a eco-friendly building board.
We are hoping to locate boards made from: Wheat, cereal, straw,
grass, wood flakes, rye....... or anything along this type of
I have managed to discover this type of sheeting material abroad,
but have not been able to locate any local manufacturers or
distributers in the UK.
It would be extremely helpful if you could provide any suggestions
in acquiring these boards locally, or if this is not the case,
perhaps guidance in import options.
Thanking you in advance

Ryan Frank
Design Director
Random Tweak Studio
130a Downham Road
London N1 3HJ
0798 4146383

In Patnership with;
Alsop Architects
Parkgate studio
41 Parkgate Road
London SW11 4NP

Bill Christensen
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