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Re: GSBN:re: Exterior cladding question


Thanks for weighing in!

The block maker I'm thinking of working with is currently testing versions
of his blocks with 0, 1, and 3% cement content. I am hoping to use the 0%
versions, if they meet the structural requirements.

I will send you the results of his testing as soon as they are available.

Perhaps Lars Keller can put you in touch with the block maker who
demonstrated at the Danish conference this year?


> Bruce King here, and so do I.  I'm about to start two different design
> and research projects, ie houses with experiments and monitoring on the
> side, using compressed earth blocks.
> In both cases, the owner also wants to start selling blocks, and both
> are in high seismic areas (Portland, Oregon and Nevada City, California
> (Sierra foothills).
> A recent visit with Tom Morton, a Scottish architect working with earth
> blocks, really convinced me that adding cement is not only sometimes
> unnecessary, but even detrimental to performance by several measures.
> Can anyone refer me to field experience and/or testing information
> (strength and durability, mainly) for compressed earth blocks without
> cement?
> Thanks!
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