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Re: GSBN:re: Exterior cladding question

At 08:47 AM 2/14/05 -0800, Bruce King wrote:

A recent visit with Tom Morton, a Scottish architect working with earth
blocks, really convinced me that adding cement is not only sometimes
unnecessary, but even detrimental to performance by several measures.
Can anyone refer me to field experience and/or testing information
(strength and durability, mainly) for compressed earth blocks without

I know that CRATerre, the school of earth architecture in France, has done
a lot of work with CEBs, rammed earth, etc.  Hugo Houben is the person I
met there, who also has co-authored an authoritative work Earth
Construction -- A Comprehensive Guide.  I wonder if the book or their
website might yield some info. on this.  www.craterre.archi.fr

 Also Gernot Minke (Kassel, Germany) has done a lot of research with earth
bricks and written a scholarly book on it (now out of print in English)....
he may have information on this. You might contact Friedemann Mahlke
mahlke@... who is his colleague there.

 Another person who might know would be Joe Tibbits of the SW Solar Adobe
school, in New
Mexico.  www.adobebuilder.com  adobebuilder@... 505-861-1255.

He wrote the classic, out-of-print Earthbuilders Encyclopedia (now
available from him as a CD-ROM) and has helped write the current codes in
the U.S. Southwest on adobes.... of course most of them are now
"stabilized" with asphalt.  (ugh!)  This lets you leave them out in the
rain, but I understand the addition of asphalt then makes it impossible to
plaster with clay unless a lath material is added.


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