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Re: GSBN:Fwd: Graeme North of NZ joining?


I would like to vouch for Graeme whom I met during ISBBC 2002 down
under. As far as I know, coming from up North, he is a prominent and
knowledgeable advocate of SB and sustainable building techniques and
definitely belongs on GSBN.
On Mar 2, 2005, at 22:21, billc_lists@...:

Hi folks,

We received a request for subscription from Graeme North the other day.

Anyone want to vouch for him?  The name is familiar to me, but I
don't really know much about him.

Hi Bill - I gave a paper at WaggaWagga conf'ce and have been involved
alternative building design for over 30 years and was chair of the NZ
Building Standards Committee including strawbale for the last few



Graeme North,
Graeme North Architects,
49 Matthew Road,
RD1, Warkworth,
New Zealand 1241
Ph/fax +64 (0)9  4259305

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