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GSBN: Digest for 3/5/05

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-> Loss
     by ArchiLogic@...


Date: 5 Mar 2005 09:17:15 -0600
From: ArchiLogic@...
Subject: Loss

======== message from Kim Thompson, Thu, 03 Mar 2005 =============
Dear friends,

Sad news is being shared throughout the natural building
community  of the tragic death of Athena Steen's  oldest son,
Micah, in a skiing accident  on Sunday, February  27th.

Bill, Athena and their children are together now in Micah's home,
Santa Fe.

A memorial fund has been created to which people may send donations
and condolences in lieu of flowers, and in time, we will ask the family
to decide upon a suitable form/expression of remembrance.

For now, we ask that the family be provided with space and privacy
to allow time for healing. (see Derek's message below)

For details on the memorial fund contact:
Rob Tom  < A r c h i L o g i c @ y a h o o . c a >  (with space removed)
Or Kim Thompson  tel. 902-845-2750

Oh that the enormous  net of love
That they have spun around the globe
Would buoy up them, and theirs,
In the gentlest of embraces,
In this most difficult of times.

Please pass on this news where you feel it should go.

========= End of Kim Thompson's message ==================
			~~~ * ~~~

========= message from Derek Roff, Fri, 04 Mar 2005 ==============

I was able to speak with Bill a few minutes ago.

I mentioned the concern and desire to offer support among the SB community,
and I asked what he would want and request from our circle of concerned  

Bill said that the most valuable thing right now, would be a little space
and privacy for the family.

He asked me to emphasize that this was not in any way a rejection or
undervaluing of our caring, but rather a recognition of their needs
and healing process.

He felt that the time would come soon when contact and interaction
would be welcome, but a period of quiet is needed first.

Bill said that they have had several memorial services of a private nature,
for Micah's closest friends, for the immediate family, and for the more  
extended family.  However, there won't be a more public ceremony.

Bill said that he had been concerned about how to respond to the emails,
and to inform friends in the SB community.  He said he would be grateful
for us to act as intermediaries, letting people know that
right now, they need space for the family, and will not be communicating  

Again, he wanted to express his appreciation to all, and he will let us  
when they are ready for more interaction.

================ End of Derek's message =========================

        ~~~ * ~~~
      Robert W. Tom
   Kanata, Ontario, Canada
(winnow the chaff from my edress in your reply)

please sign  on  <a  target="_blank" href="http://www.kyotoandbeyond.org/petition.html";>http://www.kyotoandbeyond.org/petition.html</a>


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