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Re: GSBN:Loss

Loving thoughts.... my humble words would be too limited here....

Rememberng a reaction of Joan - one of the Findhorn friends in The Hague ,
who said after her daughter transcended in the Tsunami: she knew her
daughter definitly has been called to another job on a "next cycle".

Love, Martin

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> ======== message from Kim Thompson, Thu, 03 Mar 2005 =============
> Dear friends,
> Sad news is being shared throughout the natural building
> community  of the tragic death of Athena Steen's  oldest son,
> Micah, in a skiing accident  on Sunday, February  27th.
> Bill, Athena and their children are together now in Micah's home,
> Santa Fe.
> A memorial fund has been created to which people may send donations
> and condolences in lieu of flowers, and in time, we will ask the family
> to decide upon a suitable form/expression of remembrance.
> For now, we ask that the family be provided with space and privacy
> to allow time for healing. (see Derek's message below)
> For details on the memorial fund contact:
> Rob Tom  < A r c h i L o g i c @ y a h o o . c a >  (with space removed)
> Or Kim Thompson  tel. 902-845-2750
> Oh that the enormous  net of love
> That they have spun around the globe
> Would buoy up them, and theirs,
> In the gentlest of embraces,
> In this most difficult of times.
> Please pass on this news where you feel it should go.
> ========= End of Kim Thompson's message ==================
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> ========= message from Derek Roff, Fri, 04 Mar 2005 ==============
> I was able to speak with Bill a few minutes ago.
> I mentioned the concern and desire to offer support among the SB
> and I asked what he would want and request from our circle of concerned
> friends.
> Bill said that the most valuable thing right now, would be a little space
> and privacy for the family.
> He asked me to emphasize that this was not in any way a rejection or
> undervaluing of our caring, but rather a recognition of their needs
> and healing process.
> He felt that the time would come soon when contact and interaction
> would be welcome, but a period of quiet is needed first.
> Bill said that they have had several memorial services of a private
> for Micah's closest friends, for the immediate family, and for the more
> extended family.  However, there won't be a more public ceremony.
> Bill said that he had been concerned about how to respond to the emails,
> and to inform friends in the SB community.  He said he would be grateful
> for us to act as intermediaries, letting people know that
> right now, they need space for the family, and will not be communicating
> much.
> Again, he wanted to express his appreciation to all, and he will let us
> know
> when they are ready for more interaction.
> ================ End of Derek's message =========================
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>       Robert W. Tom
>    Kanata, Ontario, Canada
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